Mepco New Connection Procedure

Looking to apply for a Mepco new electricity connection? Let us teach you how you can do that. You can either visit the nearest office or you can apply online at

To apply for MEPCO New Connection you need some documents and information to fill the form online. You will see a form where you can select the type of electricity and after that make sure to select MEPCO in the distribution company list.

First of all, you will need these documents if you want to apply for a new electricity connection. Here is the MEPCO New Connection Form for home, MEPCO Connection for residential, and MEPCO Electricity New connection for commercial areas.

Documents Needed for MEPCO New Connection Residential

  • A legitimate document stating that the property doesn’t have any electricity connection already.
  • A document making sure that there are no outstanding fees or charges.
  • Attested copy of applicant CNIC.
  • Attested copies of the CNIC of 2 testimonies ( for double phase meters).
  • Any evidence of the ownership. Ownership documents must be attested by the class-one officer, notary public, or, an oath commissioner.
  • Renters have to provide a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the landowner.

Documents Needed for Commercial/ Industrial Purposes

If you are going to use the property for commercial and industrial use, you have to submit an extra list of documents together with the ones stated above. Here is a list of the extra documents you need to submit:

  • Charge creation certificate from the Security and exchange commission of Pakistan (SECP).
  • Testified copies of the national identity cards of all the directors, in addition to their home addresses.
  • For private limited and limited companies, the candidate needs to submit a copy of the incorporation certificate ( memorandum and article of association).
  • NOC on company letterhead as perform 29. The NOC needs to be signed by all the directors of the candidate company.
  • Power of attorney ( just in condition if the company has more than one owner)
  • Site map for the place of the property that needs an electricity connection.

How to Apply for MEPCO New Connection Online

if you want to apply for Electricity New Connection for your home. You need the required information to fill MEPCO Form.

  • First and foremost you have to fill in the online application form here.
  • After filling you have to submit the online application form.
  • Then you have to print a copy of the application form.
  • Attach all the above-mentioned documents with the application form.
  • You will get a demand notice once your documents are confirmed.
  • You have to pay the demand notice to the appointed bank.
  • After that, you have to make a copy of the paid demand notice.
  • Post the copy to the concerned office.
  • A new connection will be set up once your demand notice gets verified.

MEPCO Application Procedure in Urdu

Here is the complete information for MEPCO’s New Online connection Procedure in Urdu for Pakistanis. The old people who can’t learn English Now can apply for Electricity New Connection (ENC) Online in Urdu.

MEPCO Application Procedure in Urdu
MEPCO Application Procedure in Urdu

Estimated Time For Electricity New Connection

How much do I have to wait for a Wapda new connection? This counts in the connection category. Basically, there are three main categories of Mepco supply connections based on load.

MEPCO New Connection Categories

Category – 1 ( up to 15 KW)

Days- 1

  1. The candidate will fill up the application form and submit it to the closest office who will issue the seniority number and slip to the applicant. For this reason, the office will set up a seniority register as per the application submission date and the applicant can gain access to it.

days-  3

  1. An area officer appointed by MEPCO will visit the land where a new connection is needed to be set up. They will make sure whether it is possible to set up a new connection or not. The candidate will be informed if it is not possible to set up a connection.

days – 2

  1. The office will provide an estimated cost of connection if it is possible to set up a new connection.

Days- 2

  1. The office will send you a demand notice.


  1. The candidate will need to pay the demand notice fee to the appointed bank and submit a copy to the nearest Mepco office.


  1. The candidate will submit a wiring test report and the associated office will confirm it.

Days- 1

  1. The office will make a precedence list of applicants as per their fee submission date.

Days- 3

  1. The office will confirm the service connection order.

Days- 3

  1. The office will then reach the store to get connection items, i.e. meter, installation kit, wire, etc.


  1. The store will deliver related items to the office.

days -5

After getting connection items team will install a new connection meter.

Total Waiting Days                             30

Category – 2 (16 to 70 KW/ 400 volts)

This category is similar to category one, but it can take up to 44 days to do a category 2 connection.

Category – 3 ( 71 to 500 KW / 400 volts )

This category is also similar to category one, but it can take up to 73 days to do a category 3 connection

What is MEPCO Demand Notice?

MEPCO Demand Notice is received after you submit an application for a new electricity connection in MEPCO. When you received a Demand Notice pay the fee for the demand notice. After you submit the demand notice to MEPCO Office, the department team verified your application, When the application of the demand notice is verified, a New electricity matter will be installed at your location.

MEPCO New Connection Form PDF

Here is the MEPCO New connection form or electricity demand notice application in PDF. You can download it and fill demand notice to submit it to MEPCO office

MEPCO new connection online form