MEPCO Bill Calculator

Looking for a MEPCO bill calculator and want to check the bill amount based on units consumed on your connection? Here is a solution to your problem where we have built the easiest MEPCO online bill calculator for you. We have applied MEPCO’s latest tariff for the year 2023 to create an estimated electric cost for your electricity (bijli). All you have to do is to enter the number of units consumed and we will calculate all bill amounts including taxes for you. You can do proper MEPCO bill calculations within a minute.

This MEPCO electricity bill calculator calculates the evaluated amount though the original bill amount may differ. This script depends on GOP rates and the unit rates, though if you find anything incorrect please feel free to contact us.

Mepco Bill Unit Rates

1. 1-50 Units 3.95
2. 1 – 100 Units 7.74
3. 101 – 200 Units 10.06
4. 201 – 300 Units 12.15
5. 301 – 700 19.55
6. More than 700 Units 22.65

MEPCO Bill Calculator Calculations

If you have checked the reading so let’s get straight into it. Our Mepco bill calculator just gives you the estimated cost of the electricity bill.

  1. The most important thing is that you have to know that unit of electricity is kilo watt per hour which is KW/H.
  2. Let’s assume you checked the meter reading and it is 34 wat CLF.
  3. And the consumption time is 19 hours.
  4. 34-watt CFL x 19 hours in a day time = 646 CFL per hour.
  5. 646 is divided by 1000 = 0.646 KW/H.
  6. If we calculate for monthly usage then 0.646 x 30 days per month = 19.38 KW/H.
  7. Do you know what this means?
  8. It means you consumed 19.38 KW/H of energy in a month while running the electricity for 19 hours a day.

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