Check MEPCO Bill Online

Are you struggling with your electricity bill MEPCO each month? Check the MEPCO online bill at It is a free solution service to check your MEPPCO bill online, due date, and previous bill records. You can check the MEPCO bill for residential, industrial, and commercial electricity connections.

Once you have given your 14 digits reference number you can view and print your electricity bill (Bijli bill).  With this free site, you can easily get your MEPCO bills.

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How to Check MEPCO Bill Online?

Follow the below steps to check your Mepco bill:

  • Go to the website.
  • Enter the 14-digit Mepco Reference Number that you can find on the bill in the search bar.
  • A Copy of the Mepco Bill will appear.
  • Press Ctrl+P to print the WAPDA Mepco bill.
  • Download a copy of the MEPCO Bill.
Check MEPCO Bill Online WAPDA Bill Online Latest Copy Multan Electric Power Company Bijli ka bill
Check MEPCO Bill Online WAPDA Bill Online
  • After entering the reference number then tap or click on the check bill button.
  • Now you will receive the recent bill amount with a due date.
  • If you want to see other details and print the bill, click on view the full bill. is a user-friendly site where you can check or print your electricity bill on all types of devices (mobile/desktop). All you have to do is to put your 14-digit reference number. Remember you cannot check your bill by putting your mobile number, id card number, or name.

How To Pay MEPCO Bill?

You can either pay your MEPCO bill offline or online, here you can learn how you can pay your MEPCO bill:

Offline Payment

You can pay your MEPCO bill in all the branches of post offices and commercial banks. Just be careful to get a printed copy of a bill-paid receipt for offline payment.

Online Payment

You can also pay your MEPCO bill conveniently sitting at home through your account. All you have to do is to get the banking details from your bank branch and then download the banking application and pay your bills comfortably. Moreover, you can even pay your electricity bills using Upaisa, JazzCash, and Easypaisa.

Here you can get how to check whether the electricity bill is paid or not by putting your reference below.

MEPCO Bill Calculator

If you want to determine your MEPCO bill amount based on units used by your meter. You can calculate your bill here on Mepco Bill Calculator. Just enter the number of units and we will calculate it for you.


Multan Electric Power Company was formed in 1998, the company is spreading its electrical services all over Multan and its around areas in south Punjab, Pakistan. Since 1998 Mepco is supplying power to all agricultural, industrial, commercial and residential areas that go under the city’s orbit and beyond.

MEPCO Bill Information

You can see the bill amount with the last date to pay the MEPCO consumer bill, and then you can also view the complete bill where you can also see the extra charges to pay after the due date, bill issue date, and meter reading date. If you want to see whether your electricity bill is paid or not paid, you can also check this for the recent month’s bills. You can also use the Mepco bill app.

You can check the full bill and see the payment history in the section of the recent 12 months of bills and amounts paid.

MEPCO Peak Hours

Mepco advises to not use heavier electric appliances like iron, AC, heaters, electric ovens, and evaporative coolers simultaneously to balance the electric supply and reduction in your electricity bill amount. Here are the Mepco peak hours:

From April to October              6.30 PM to 10.30 PM

From November to March                   6 PM to 10 PM

Moreover, you can check the instructions on your bill to learn how you can save more electricity to reduce bills and stabilize the electric supply.

MEPCO Bill Email Service

For hassle-free service, you can get everything via email everything. All you need to do is just enter your reference number and email address and you will get your bill monthly through your email.

Receive bills by email so you can:

  • Be more digitally archived and more organized about your bills.
  • Get your bills quickly on the day of issuance.
  • Have approaches to copies of your bills for the official website.

How to Get MEPCO Duplicate Bill?

In order to get your Multan Electric Power Company Duplicate Bill all you have to do is follow a few simple and easy steps.

Step 1: First, take out your latest MEPCO bill by CNIC and look at the reference number displayed on the top of the bill. Make sure the reference number is up to date by taking out the latest bill since the numbers have been changed recently,

Step 2: Now enter the reference number in the box and your bill will be generated in just a couple of seconds.

Step 3: once your bill is generated, you can now easily view it, download it and even print your duplicate MEPCO bill out.

Taxes in MEPCO Bill       

Here is the list of common taxes that you will usually see in the Mepco bills:


FPA is abbreviated for Fuel Price Adjustment. A fuel price adjustment system is a system aimed to automatically change electricity fees based on fluctuations in fuel prices for coal, LNG (liquified natural gas), and crude oil. When there is fuel price fluctuation you can check this amount in your bill.

TR Surcharge

TR stands for Rationalization Surcharge. This is GOP and NEPRA tariff difference. It will be payable by GOP if the difference is definite. Though in case of a negative difference, the allocation company will pay to GOP as “ IDTR DUR ( Inter Disco Tariff Rationalization Surcharge).

FC surcharge

FC stands for financing cost. You have to pay 43 paise for every single unit in FC surcharge to protect the collection of debt servicing of the power holding privately limited.

Deferred Amount

Deferred amount payment is a stated arrangement with you as our customer, permitting you to pay the bill in the same month or later that month. There are no hidden or extra charges you have to pay in deferred amount and your next bills may cover this amount in full or in installments.

QTR Tariff Adjustment/DMC

It is a quarterly tariff adjustment amount. After every three months, you can see this amount in your bill.

Check MEPCO Bill Online of Previous Months

You can check old bills by clicking on the given links:

Old Bill History

For the very first time, we are keeping copies of every Mepco bill you check on our site. Mepco. pk is not the official Mepco website. Every time you search for the bill on our website we store it on our local servers so you can effortlessly get your old bill any time. Also check out energy-saving Tips to reduce Mepco bill.

MEPCO New Connection or Transfer Procedure

MEPCO made it easy for everyone to establish new connections, particularly commercial and domestic customers. To apply for a new MEPCO connection click here. If you bought a new property where the MEPCO meter connection is already listed, and you want to change the name on the bill then you have to follow the same method as for a new connection. You can also contact the MEPCO office using MEPCO Helpline Number.

To give you a short overview, the documents needed for the new meter connection:

  1. Copy of national ID card.
  2. A copy of the certificate of right of ownership. If the applicant is not the actual owner, then the owner’s permission on stamped paper with ownership or proof is needed.
  3. Concise condition of supply properly executed and signed by the candidate.

Privacy Policy

Read out our privacy policy


How to fix the problem of low voltage in the area?

Contact the SDO / XEN / SE in your area. They will resolve the issue at your level. If necessary, refer to MEPCO Headquarters for additional work.

What is the Mepco complaint number?

Apart from the Complaints Officer of your area, you can, +9220317, +9220314, or 63726-0800 at PREMPCO Headquarters.

Why do new meters run faster than old meters which have been replaced by MEPCO?

This is not true. The fact is that the new meters work fine. The old meters were slowed down due to old age, and internal and external problems.

Who should be approached to correct the wrong reading on the bill?

Contact customer service centers in your area or MEPCO headquarters.

Where is the MEPCO (WAPDA) Office in Multan?

MEOPCO Head Office in Multan Address: Mepco Complex, Khanewal Road, Mepco Colony, Multan, Punjab. Contact No. 0800-63726, 061-9220198.

How much time does it take to restore a Mepco connection they disconnect?

You can ask about the restoration of your connection from your nearest subdivision office or you can call its helpline number 0800-63726.

I have a domestic connection but now I want to open a shop in my place, do I need to change my tariff?

Yes, however, tariff changes will only take place on activation and where technical support is available.
You will have to pay for the following:
If you have received any benefit or subsidy in the cost of service connection at the time of connection in the current tariff.
The cost of materials required to make tariff changes effective.
Security difference according to current rates.
You have already changed the method of electricity usage as compared to the approved tariff and the assessment bill is applicable for the assessment of unauthorized use of electricity for other tariffs.

I have recently bought a place. The bills are in the name of the previous owner. How can I fix it?

The same name-changing instructions apply to new connections.
No more traveling far or standing in queues. With our online service of MEPCO bill online check, you can print a duplicate of your bill with no effort at all. It isn’t just convenient but reliable and secure as well.

MEPCO Contact Details

If you’re facing any issue related to your bill you can now easily contact MEPCO in order to solve all your queries.



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